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Electrical Engineering Software Power Suite

We have a suite of powerful, full-featured electrical power engineering software to meet all electrical engineering requirement for circuit design and analysis.

PowerStar is designed for simulation of radial or star type of circuit distribution while PowerNet and PowerVue are designed for meshed or looped type of circuit network.

  • Powerful Capable of simulating complex multi-level multi-voltage power generation, distribution and load systems.Any one of the powersuite software can be used to analyze existing electrical systems or new electrical system design project . Great for testing what-if scenarios.
  • Flexible All software will handle imperial or metric units, 50 or 60 hz, low voltage to extra high voltage. PowerStar will calculate any combination of single phase and three phase loads. PowerNet and PowerVue will calculate line to ground short , double line and three phase to ground short circuit. And more...
  • Easy to use Create circuits in minutes using common windows actions like cut, copy, paste and mouse drag, drop and clicks. If you can use Windows Notepad, you can use PowerNet, PowerStar or PowerVue. Simply mouse over any symbol in PowerStar or PowerNet to display electrical data, voltage and current vectors.
  • Affordable Get all the capabilities and features of high end software for the cost of many software that does little more than cable sizing and voltage drop calculations. Prices start at $0 for the free version of PowerVue. PowerStar and PowerNet cost only a fraction of similar electrical engineering software. Click here for affordable prices...

Start using PowerStar and PowerNet now by downloading the demo version. You can use a full-featured version of PowerNet and PowerStar free for 30 days. To purchase the full license, please go to the products page. Secure payment is easy with PayPal or credit card. You will receive your activation code by email.

Click on the button below to download the free version of PowerVue or the demo versions of PowerNet and PowerStar. To request for a 30-day trial activation key, go to contact page.

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